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Examination Rules

• Pens, rulers, calculators, etc., must be in a clear plastic bag or a clear pencil case and may not be shared. Electronic manager/diary devices with a calculator function are not allowed. Calculators must not be in cases

• Candidates must present photographic ID (some acceptable forms include; University photo ID card, driver’s licence or passport) as proof of identity. Candidates who fail to produce photographic ID will be required to confirm their identification within 24 hours. The candidate's examination answer book will not be able to be presented for marking until proof of identity is confirmed

• Dictionaries are not permitted in closed book examinations.

• Food must not be brought into the examination room. Clear plastic drink bottles are permitted, and may contain water only. Drink bottles are to be placed on the candidate's desk at all times

• Caps or hats are not to be worn in the examination room. The only exceptions to this rule are those head coverings required on religious grounds.

• Earplugs are not to be worn in the examination room.

• Candidates are not permitted to smoke in the examination room.

• Candidates must not take any book or other written or printed matter or blank paper or non-approved electronic devices to their desk in the examination room. (This does not apply to "open book" examinations, or approved references. . In the case of "open book" examinations, any written or printed materials including books, Acts, etc are permitted). In the case of “permitted reference” examinations, only the specified reference materials are allowed.

• Electronic language translator machines are not permitted in examinations. All forms of electronic listening and/or receiving & transmitting devices (other than cell phones) must be placed at the front of the examination room.

• Cell phones must be switched off and placed as directed by the Supervisor – All alarms and audible sounds must be turned off.