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About Economics


The Department of Economics was established in K. K. Wagh Arts, Commerce, Science and Computer Science College Bhausaheb Nagar in the year 2004. Economics as a special subject for BA was introduced in the year 2005. It offers a 3-year integrated B.A. programme in Economics covering a total of 7 papers (Indian Economic environment, Financial System, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic Development and Planning, Public Finance and International Economics). There are a variety of extracurricular activities including the elocution competition, essay competition, etc. to promote student events and activities. Our student has been Participate in research competition ‘AVISHKAR’.


  1. The vision of the department of Economics consists of exploring the economic study and analysis, policy framing and implementation issues faced by the Indian economy along with the analysis of other economies in the world.
  2. Imparting theoretical and applied knowledge of economics, conducting research on socio-economic problems at regional and national level for inclusive development.
  3. Uphold high standards of Academic performance
  4. Respect students and provide them with quality Education
  5. Promote employment opportunities for students
  6. Maintain collegiate work environment
  7. Interact with the greater community
  8. Sustain continues improvement and innovation


  1. To prepare students for acquiring applied knowledge of economics to enhance their employability and entrepreneurship.
  2. To stimulate the academic environment by promoting & supporting quality in teaching-learning and research
  3. Providing quality instruction to students to prepare them for successful careers
  4. Engaging in scholarly activity to maintain academic currency and to advance knowledge in the field of specialization of department faculty.
  5. Providing service to the College and greater community.
  6. providing through both teaching and research, a better understanding of the global, national and local economic issues that will confront our society now and in the future.




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